Juice review and my Honeymoon!

Hi Guys, here’s my latest juice review, the “Dynamic Trio” e-liquid range by Phoenix Eliquid, and they are fucking awesome!! Check out the video review:


Also, the next two weeks will be quiet for the vaping and chilli reviews as i’m off on my honeymoon! So i’ll see you back here the week beginning the 27th of June!!


Have a good one!


Big catch up!

Okay, so i’ve been doing vids for youtube, but not really posting them here, so i’ll chuck the last couple into this post at the end for you guys to catch up, if you haven’t already seen them!

Please like, share and subscribe to my channels, if you’re a chillihead, vaper or both! Enjoy the vids and i shall try to remember to post the vids here as well in future!

As always, take care!!

DN x

Hot Headz Showcase!

So this week i decided to review a company who I’ve not done for a good long while, so i grabbed some of their sauces that have been sent in for review, and i present you with..the Hot Headz Showcase!!


As you saw, all those sauces were fucking tasty, but two of them were pretty hot, with one blowing my skull off! You can pick them up for £3.99 to £5.99 from Hot Headz right now, so go do it and get ready for the summer, bitches!!

May the sauce be with you, always!


Been ill, normal service will be resumed soon..

Hey guys, just a quick update to say that the reason i’ve not posted any new vids for the vaping or chilli channels is because i have been pretty ill this past 6 days with some sort of sinus infection/headcold not sure what, suffice to say i’m still not 100% yet, but my sense of taste is slowly coming back so i’ll be able to taste sauces and Eliquids again shortly, and as such you’ll be seeing more vids coming out!

Please bear with me, normal service will be resumed shortly!


Battery rewrap tutorial!

So i notice a lot of people throw out their 18650 batteries when the wraps get all shitted up and torn from use, well with the help of this video, and “Just battery wrap” you can rewrap your existing batteries from as little as 25p per battery! So check out the tutorial and breath life back into those torn up batteries today!

Toot toot motherfuckers!!


Wotofo Conqueror Review!

Hi Guys, Darth Naga back again with another RTA review, this time its the Wotofo Conqueror that gets the Full steam ahead treatment, and holy shit, what a cracking sub ohm, rebuildable tank this is, check out the video review below!

So there you have it, for a measly £25.99 you can grab this today from Vanilla Vapes, and while you’re there grab a bottle of the Thai mango sticky rice juice too, because it will definitely end up on your favourites list, a cracking juice and only £9.50 for a 15ml bottle!

Again, huge thanks to Peter Wu from Wotofo, and Martin from Vanilla Vapes for making this review possible by sending me the juice and the tank for review purposes. Hopefully i’ll see you all in the next review, make sure to like, share and subscribe!!